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Hello, my name is Annemieke Groeneveld, owner and trainer of Time 2 Control and developer of the course “Fast learning = fun learning”, a 6-weekly course study skills for high school students. This course arose from the experience that students are told what to study, but aren’t told how to study, which causes them to often perform less than their capabilities in school.

My course “Fast Learning = fun learning” is taught in my own home, which creates a very homely, relaxed atmosphere and takes away the feeling of being at school again. I teach in small groups (3-5 students), so that the students learn a lot from each other, but still get enough individual attention. This small group also means I have a better overview of individual student needs so that I can assure that every student makes progress.

Enriched with insight and overview of their homework, students will be more aware of their own responsibility towards their grades and discover their own way of studying. Aside from this they will be handed study skills that are compatible with their personal way of studying as to strengthen and improve this method. These studyskills include but are not limited to: speed reading, mindmapping, memorizing techniques, planning and learning how to learn. The main goal is to learn easier and more in less time.
Annemieke Groeneveld

To enable the course “Fast learning = fun learning” for high school students on a national basis, I took a course in post-HBO registered trainer. Since September 2013 I teach a monthly course in ‘Fast learning = fun learning’ for trainers on three locations.

I am very pleased and thankful for the results of the course. Read more about it under “questions and reactions”.

On this site you will find all information about both the course as well as the study “Fast learning = fun learning”.

If you have any other questions that you could not find on the website please send an e-mail

Annemieke Groeneveld